Thursday, October 25, 2012

Need help with your college essays?
Seniors are invited to come to the WHS library great room
Tuesday, November 13 at 8:15
A representative from St. Edward's University will talk with you about what colleges want to learn from your essay.  Bring an essay with you, and as time allows she will review these before school begins.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Austin Community College will offer spring courses on the 
Westwood High School campus.

Government 2305  will be offered before school at 7:30.  History 1302 will be offered TTh during 4th block, and psychology 2301 will be held on MW during 4th block.  
NOTE....History 1302 is a stand alone course for which students will receive a full high school credit for US history.
NOTE...junior students are eligible to take this spring government course

These courses are listed in the online ACC course catalog.  Junior and senior students - check with your counselor to see if these courses will fit into your schedule, and obtain a co-enrollment approval from them.  This must be done prior to the end of this semester.  

ACC advisors will be at WHS during lunches on November 1 - 2 to help with registration for these and other dual credit courses.