Friday, May 27, 2016

English Summer Reading Requirements

The Westwood English Department encourages students to read books for pleasure and for academic enrichment in the summer.  While only a few courses have a specific summer reading requirement and/or assignment, all students benefit from reading both fiction and nonfiction books that challenge them.
For a list of books that have been included on the College Board's Advanced Placement Literature exam, consult this website:

The following three Westwood English courses have specific readings assigned for the summer, some with assignments to go along with them.  (See instructions attached).

Final Senior Transcripts

Seniors attending college in the fall will need to have a final transcript sent to the college/university they will attend. Transcripts can be ordered in one of two ways.

The preferred method to order your final high school transcript is to complete the WHS Senior Survey. Students must be signed in with their RRISD Google account.

  • If your college plans change after completing the survey, please see Mr. Clark in D1127 to update your college choice.
  • At the end of the survey, enter the name of the college where the transcript should be sent. If the college is out of state, please include the address.
  • Seniors who took dual credit courses at ACC will need to request an additional final transcript to be sent to  ACC. This can be done at the registrar's office.
  • Final transcripts requested through the survey will be mailed, or electronically delivered, by June 22nd.
  • Transcripts ordered through the senior survey will be sent at no cost to the student.

The second method to order a final transcript is to go to the registrar’s office and pay $3.00.

Transcripts ordered for pick up will be available on the following Thursdays:
    • June 9th, June 16th, and June 23rd

Please do not have a hold put on your college enrollment because you have not ordered a final transcript or completed the survey.

Friday, May 13, 2016

2016-2017 Counselor & Administrator Assignments

Before Spring Break, the Counselor/Administrator assignments for next year were released. Beginning next year, all Westwood counselors will be assigned 9th to 12th grade students. The assignments for next year are listed below.

Michele Koteras
Chantel Morrison
Holly Browning
Alan Hildebrand
Joe Gregg
Alan Hildebrand
Keri Douglas
Sal Espinosa
Marv Schmitt
Sal Espinosa
Kim Camardo
Mark Kylar
Cyndi Fleming
Heath Walz

Banner Signing Photos

The Class of 2016 College Banner was out for students to sign on May 6th and May May 12th. The banner will be installed next week in the Westwood atrium across from the library patio. Here are a few photos from the signing day. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

SAT Score Converter

With the release of the scores from the first redesigned SAT, College Board has created an online SAT Score Converter to compare scores from the new SAT with the old SAT and ACT.  

March SAT scores should be available today (May 10th) through student College Board accounts. 

Access the Score Converter at the College Board Website