Wednesday, January 24, 2018

UT Austin Paid Internships for Graduating Seniors

Every summer there is a Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program for high school graduates who will be attending a senior college beginning with the fall semester, and who have applied to UT Austin (preference given to students attending UT Austin, and whose intended majors are electrical, mechanical and aerospace engineering, physics, mathematics, and computer science).

This program, which began in 1982, involves summer employment at Applied Research Laboratories in northwest Austin and provides a "hands-on" introduction to research and development. This is an amazing summer program for graduating seniors, and it gives them the opportunity to earn a competitive salary ($15.13 an hour) for the 12 week program. This prestigious group of students also write reports that are published and widely distributed at the end of their summer term. Please check our website for additional information regarding the program:
The application deadline for this program is March 9th, 2018, so if you have interested students please encourage them to apply soon.