SAT & ACT: College Admissions Testing

***Due to COVID, a lot of colleges have gone "Test Optional". Please check college individual websites to see if test scores are required for admissions and/or scholarships***

Register for the tests:

  • ACT  Register for the ACT test - remember to include the writing portion.
  • SAT   Register for the SAT  and SAT subject test

Looking for test prep options, click here for a list of options!

Here is a great document that goes over the differences between the SAT and ACT, plus, there is a equivalency chart for the SAT/ACT scores.

Most Colleges/Universities require students to take either the ACT or SAT for admission. 
  • Most schools accept either test. 
  • Check with your colleges to see if they require the optional writing/essay parts of the tests
  • Colleges want you to send them all of your scores, not just what you consider your best. 
  • Hint: Save money and have your scores sent to four colleges for free when you sign up for the ACT/SAT. Sending scores after you test adds $12 per report for the ACT and $11.25 for the SAT. 
  • While most Westwood students opt for the SAT, many of our students score better on the ACT. 
ACT & SAT Fee Waivers
Juniors and Seniors who receive free or reduced lunch can receive vouchers for two free ACT, SAT and SAT subject tests. Students will also receive additional free score reports and may be eligible for college application fee waivers. Please see Mr. Browning in D1127 for a fee waiver (while virtual, email Mrs Browning at

Test Optional Schools
For students interested in a test optional or test flexible college, please visit *Some schools have always been test optional, not just because of Covid*

Other Testing Options

Article about "FREE TEST PREP"

While college-bound learners generally can’t avoid the SAT or the ACT, they can avoid paying these non-profits or other third-party companies cashing in on their market dominance more for test prep resources. What’s more, ETS and ACT still flex their proprietary muscle by selling licenses to other test prep companies. This gives them access to official testing material and provides the official ETS or ACT stamp. Many guidance counselors steer learners away from non-licensed test prep, because it may not relate directly to the exam. The following represent the best free online test prep services for the SAT and ACT.

1. The Khan Academy

As stated above, the College Board partnered with the Khan Academy to offer free test prep for the SAT in 2014. They have since expanded those resources to many other ETS tests, such as AP subjects and Praxis.
The Khan Academy provides a great resource of curated short videos, text, assessment, and other resources relating to many, many subjects. The site has dozens of items to help learners prepare, including matter relating directly to individual SAT tests or sections to time management and more. Despite this wealth of material on the SAT, only a few videos can be found regarding the ACT. These are general, like “Overview of the ACT,” or “Deciding whether to retake the ACT,” and won’t fully prepare any learner. Considering the competition between the two testing organizations, one has to wonder why the Khan Academy favors one so heavily.

2. Union Test Prep

Union Test Prep offers 100% free test prep services for dozens of standardized tests. They draw revenue by running ads on their site. And for a for-profit company, they take a fairly benevolent view toward the testing process.
“It’s not people buying boats,” said CEO and Founder Ryan Montgomery, according to GoLocalPDX. “For people taking the GED, public education was tough. Now they have to pay all this money to pass these hard tests?”
Unfortunately because Union Test Prep is not a vendor of licensed test material, many guidance counselors will not be able to direct learners to the free resource.

3. PrepFactory

On top of their sleek design, Prepfactory seeks to prepare learners for the SAT or ACT while also adopting different strategies that work best for the learner in question. As Founder Darrin Singh told DC Inno, “A lot of kids that take these tests, the problem often times is that they’re terrified of the test,” Singh said. “Our primary goal is to curate the content that exists, but also to really present it in a way that isn’t terrifying to kids.”
The platform also seeks to personalize the test prep experience. As Singh wrote in Emerging EdTech, “PrepFactory includes guided instruction and interactive practice that indicates the areas a student should work on, as well as introduces social elements in the form of games that provide a break from more in depth practice sections. Practice sets and customized study paths personalize the studying experience and allow progress monitoring.”

ACT Test Prep Booklets- can download in English or Spanish