ACC Dual Credit Information

ACC Dual Credit Contacts

  •             Janet Kirk, Westwood Counselor 
  •     Mrs. Kirk's office hours are 8 -5 at Westwood on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

ACC Dual Credit Calendar

For Summer '19 and Fall '19 ACC Classes 
January –
January 16 – Parent Information Night – ACC Dual Credit sessions (5:45 & 6:45 in the Library) 
January 17,18 & 23– ACC Dual Credit Student Information Sessions
Sessions in the lecture hall during both lunches – please come at the beginning and bring your lunch
ACC Enrollment process, Testing, Advising, Dual Course lists etc will be covered and handouts given during this time.  Returning ACC Students need not attend.
February – 
February - Pick up Dual Credit forms (Deadline 3/8/19 at noon)
February 9 - TSI Testing (Saturday) $20 and PAA Due by Feb 6th
February 18th- Testing (Monday, student holiday)$20 and PAA Due by Feb 13

March – 
March 8 – Dual Credit forms for Summer '19 & Fall ‘19 due to Mrs. Kirk by noon

April -   
April 1– Online Registration for returning students opens
April 15 - Online Registration for new students opens

April 18 – Summer ACC Course schedules due to counselor

May - 
May 13 - Online Registration for returning students opens
May 28 - Online Registration for new students opens

General Information

Students and parents should view the ACC/ECSPowerPoint Presentation and read the updated list of approved Dual Credit Courses.

Transfer Information to colleges and universities
ACC's transfer guide -

Texas General Education Core Curriculum   - allows you to search Texas college/ university core curriculum requirements for course planning.

ACC Application

Click here and here to download detailed Enrollment Steps and Important Dual Credit Information

1. Students must create an account and then start/complete an application.  These are two separate tasks. 

2. In the application, when students are getting to the high school attended portion.  The dates they attended from should be the year they started at the high school and the attended to should be their actual grad year.  If not done correctly, they will get unnecessary holds that may prevent them from registering on time. 

3. In the application, when they get to the question that asks for the basis of admission.  Students MUST select "High School Dual Credit Program (Receiving Both High School and College Credit)."  If students do NOT select this then they will not receive a confirmation with their ACCeID.  If they select high school graduate or anything else other than what I just listed, then students will have to reapply with the correct basis of admission.  They use their same account, but select "Create a New Application" (see attached screenshot) and hopefully do it correctly.

4. If the student has applied correctly, they should receive a confirmation email with their ACCeID - 24 hours after applying.

ONLINE Registration
Once you have applied to ACC and completed the enrollment steps, here are instructions for signing up for a class online.

                             Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

When can students begin taking courses at ACC? Students can begin as soon as the summer following 8th grade, however we advise most students wait until after at least their freshman year in high school. There is a certain level of maturity and responsibility that comes with taking these courses and it is the beginning of a college transcript!! 

What courses are offered at Westwood?
For the ’19-20 school year Westwood will offer

English III – Composition I and II
English IV – British Literature
These English classes are taught by our own teachers and the course is part of the regular
block schedule

US Government and Economics will  be offered 1/5 and 4/8 for fall - seniors only
US Government and Economics will be offered in the spring 2020 - juniors only
Texas Government and US History 1301 will be offered in the spring 2020 - seniors & juniors
These classes are taught by ACC Adjunct professors on our campus

What can you tell me about Distance Learning courses? DL classes are offered for many of the Dual Credit courses.  We strongly encourage students to take their first college course in a classroom with a professor and students to get the college feel and to have a solid experience.  Fifty % of students that take DL classes fail – not good odds.  Successful students that take DL classes are highly motivated, responsible, dedicated, disciplined and need little direction or interaction with teachers/ professors.  Students are their “own professor” and have to take tests at the college, however there are a few courses that tests can be taken from home.

Are grades calculated into GPA?  In RRISD, grades made in Dual Credit courses are not part of the GPA. Courses and grades however are part of the high school transcript. Grades at ACC are letter ( A, B C) and once put on the high school transcript they are changed to numeric grades ( A = 95, B = 85, C= 75).   

What grade do I need to make in order to get high school credit?  Students must make a C or better to get high school credit.

What is SAP? Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) College records are permanent.  Therefore, it’s important to maintain satisfactory academic progress while enrolled at ACC, even as a dually enrolled high school student.  Failure to do so may affect future college financial aid and/ or transfer eligibility.  The elements of SAP are Grade Point Average, Competition Rate, and Maximum Time Frame.

All dually enrolled HS program students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0.  Students who fall below a cumulative GPA of 2.0 will lose their tuition waiver for one probationary semester.  Failure to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 for two semesters (consecutive or nonconsecutive) will result in a student being ineligible for the dual credit tuition & fee waiver.  Dually enrolled students who don’t maintain good academic standing are subject to further disciplinary action as outlined in the ACC Catalog & Student Handbook.

Do I need an ACC ID?   It is recommended students who are taking a class on an ACC campus or online, that they acquire their free ACC student ID card sometime the first week of their class.  If a student is already in a class, they don't need to get one now unless they really want to go up to campus.   They can obtain it in person at any campus Admissions & Records Office. They can use their ID card to access on-campus services and receive local discounts. 

Here is the criteria for them to receive one: Allow one business day after registering for classes.
                     Bring an official photo ID for identification.
          Student ID cards cannot be mailed.
               If they lose it and need a replacement, the fee is $10. 


What if I don’t have a social security number?  There is a form to fill out to get you an alternate id to use for ACC’s purpose only.  See Mrs. Kirk.

I don’t know my major, do I have to fill out those sections of the application?  YES!  If you don’t know which Area of Study or major you want, then use Liberal Arts and General Studies.  

This application seems like one for college – is that the correct one for ACC Dual Credit?  Yes, you are taking a college course and must go through the same application system as a high school graduate.

“College Readiness”

Can I use my SAT scores from middle school?  Yes, SAT & ACT scores are good for 5 years.

Can I use my PSAT 8/9 scores?  No

Can I use my PSAT/NMSQT scores?  Yes (taken on or after 2015) you must have a 460 (EBRW) for Reading and Writing and  510  (Math) for classes that involve math (ex. math, science, economics classes)

For TSI testing, can I just complete the Reading and Writing portions?  No, you must take the entire test which includes math as well.

How do I take the TSI test at ACC?  Please call the closest campus and ask about their testing hours.  Make sure that you take a copy of the PAA, Photo ID and payment. 

Where do I get practice material – what is on the test?


Can I take classes not on the Approved Dual Credit list?    Tuition and fee waivers only apply to core classes, language courses and workforce courses leading to a certificate or associate’s degree.  


Are books provided for me?  No, you will have to purchase, rent or borrow a book.  Your professor will have information in their syllabus about books required. There are some ZTC classes, where materials are available online for free the first day of class.

Where can I get the books?  ACC bookstore, ACC library, Halfprice books, Amazon