GPA, Class Rank Policy & Transcripts

The following documents are here to help explain Westwood's class rank policy effective summer 2018.

Class Rank Handout

Percentile Certificate Disclaimer ****Please read before requesting/sending a certificate

4.0 GPA Explanation

5.0 GPA Explanation

Im curious about my rank, how can I find out where I stand in the class?

Fall: Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors, August 24-28
Spring: Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors, January 25-29

*If you are in the top 10%, your rank is listed in HAC
*New students must be at Westwood for a whole semester before you will receive a rank
*There is no rank for freshman first rank you will receive is at the beginning of 10th grade
*Of you are not in the top 10%, rank will be shredded at the end of each week and it will not be accessible after that point
*Students must pick up rank during rank week, not parents 

Transcript request form - fill out and turn into Assistant Registrar in D1125