College Visit Opportunities for Juniors/Seniors on Campus

Westwood is fortunate to have over 120 colleges visit campus during first semester. Taking the time to visit with a college representative is a great way to get an initial feel for a school. Please note the following important information: 

  • College visits at Westwood are for Juniors and Seniors only. 
  • To attend a college visit during the school day, please request a pass from your Alpha Office and get permission from your teacher. 
  • Most college visits are in the library, but always check the calendar for the location. 
  • In the fall, check the schedule often. Colleges are added almost daily. 
  • College visits at Westwood are for students only. Parents are welcome to email or call the college reps directly if they would like to schedule an appointment outside the school day or have questions. 

Scheduling a College Visit at Westwood
College Admissions Reps: To schedule a college visit at Westwood High School, please call 512-464-4026 or email

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