NCAA Eligibility Center

Students who are being recruited by colleges as student athletes need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center

Students eligible for free and reduced lunch can request a fee waiver from Mrs. Browning in D1127. 

For handout about the NCAA Clearinghouse, please click here.

NCAA Division 1 Requirements
NCAA Division 2 New Requirements-posted 1/12/18

Fall 2017 Enrollees - Request Final Amateurism Certification:

Starting April 1, students who plan to enroll full time at an NCAA Division I or II school this fall (2017) will be able to request their final amateurism certification. Students must have a registered Certification Account and an enrollment period of Fall 2017 to request. You can find more information about amateurism certification on our website and also share this step-by-step guide with your students if they have questions about how to request. If students need toupdate their enrollment period they can do so easily in their account.